Car maintenance in accordance with the "life cycle" is more reasonable
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  Although the car was forged steel, no flesh and blood, but the life and health also just like people, also has a "life cycle". In different periods of the car, the "health" has the very big difference. Automotive life cycle is roughly divided into four stages. In the four stages of car maintenance, repair focus on is also each are not identical, friends to have a car can according to their car's stage of life to take corresponding measures of "maintenance".

The first two years of the car is the "peak" of life, can be said to be the best car, equivalent to a person's youth period. The person of this period was filled with passion and ambitions, dare to rush, dare to do have to burn all, seems to be not tired. This period of the car, car condition is wonderful, as long as the routine maintenance, basically won't have what problem, but for more than two years of the car will start to replace some of the most vulnerable to loss of parts. But some quality is not good can only stay for about a year. So, manufacturer only promise the warranty for a year, because the new car year basic not what big quality problem.

"Weakness" period: the brake skin change new

  Use two to four years later, the car began to enter the stage of "weakness". Not as energetic as the prophase, energetic. This time the car, parts need to be replaced regularly, to supplement energy. List items are for reference only:

1, brake: the car use two or three years will need to replace new brake. When a car sent to repair, the first thing to check its brake skin, because the brake is driving safety in the first line of defense. According to the experience, the brake skin in about two years or so will wear away, of course, could the accurate to all depends on the drivers' habits. If you are that kind of like on a lot of oil, and at the right time against the brakes, brake wear would be better, life is short.

2, the fuel pump: when the car drove up to more than two years, almost clean or replace the fuel pump.

3, shock absorber, the car when the three or four years, run may not have a new car so smooth, in this case, you should check the car shock absorber. Shock absorber is used in order to reduce the vibration of the car, it is part of the suspension system, if the shock absorber spring is no longer elastic, badly at high speed will shake, rainy day is particularly dangerous.

"Menopause" : small problems timely repair

  Using four to six years of the car, then entered the stage "" more years. Like people into "menopause" love lost his temper, in a "more stage" in the car, have a problem is common, because of the many parts of the car began to aging, fuel oil, water, and from time to time small problems but also emerge in endlessly, which requires the owner to dispose in time. But this time the car if the maintenance is good, viewed from the outside, or "light fresh slide", and "cyber-based" lasting appeal. Some smart owners took advantage of this period began to change, this time the car can sell a good price, can also be the upcoming problems were all left to others.

"Twilight" : in parts on a regular basis

  Use after six to ten years, the car is entering the stage of "twilight". Like a 60 - year - old man, a serious illness 369, ailment there every day, worry about bad sons and daughters. And this time the car is also worry about bad drivers, "strike" is 369, "strike" is there every day. That would be a bad place is bad again, no bad may be only the changed parts. During this period, you must strengthen to the car maintenance and replacement parts on a regular basis, check the vehicle condition from time to time to repair or maintenance center, the car before and after collect all routine inspection and maintenance work must be done.

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